This small article is centralized around Harvard Business Review “The Management Tip of The Day.” You can find the article here.

Being a top performer is a title everyone strives to earn. Attributes such as being competent and communicative are essential for one to attain such a title. The article explores the issue of employees not having the time to remind managers of their performances. Therefore the article recommends one to send briefing emails to update their managers and putting their “accomplishments back on the boss’s radar.”

I think a communicative plan such as the one explored in the article would greatly improve the communication between boss and employee. An improved communication- and feedback platform would immensely enhance performance and motivation thus increasing the companies revenue in the long term. Even though small emails, such as described in the article, increases communication, a more formal monthly/weekly update report is another great way on how to remind a manager of the great work an employee is doing.

I can currently use this new way of thinking for my UF (Ungföretagsamhet) company. The message depicted in the article would be a great way to inform my colleagues of tasks and assignments that I have completed hence improving the overall environment of feedback and response in the group.