If you are planning on studying law at university, this is a must-read. Even though it covers the UK law, it still gives a good insight on the topics as well as the complexity of higher-level law studies.

“What About Law? Studying Law At University” (Catherine Barnard, Janet O’Sullivan, and Graham Virgo) is an informative and an educational book about what students can expect further on if they decide to study law at university level subsequent to high school.

Let’s be honest, many do not know what to expect when studying law at the higher level, nor what the learning involves and how it is thought. “What About Law” answers these questions, at the same time as an insight that law can be fun, stimulation and intellectual. Using a case study approach, the book covers real-life cases and discusses from a legal point of view. I sure appreciated the legal reasoning behind the discussions, the critical thinking, and argumentation.

The book gives an easily understandable introduction to UK law and continues on with Criminal Law, Law of Contact (a good part), Tort, Land Law, Equity (also a good part), Constitutional Law, and finally European Union Law. Thus, “What About Law” covers the main areas of UK law, and you can be sure that at least one of these topics will catch your interest for further studies.

The book is written by Law professors and lecturers themselves, so it is sure to give informative and accurate information. (However, the book was published in 2011 and Brexit hadn’t happened.)

In conclusion, after reading this book I gather deeper understanding what ‘studying law at university’ really means, and that Law is a lot more than right or wrong. It is important to make connections and think about the implications of one legal rule to the next – recognizing similarities and drawing distinctions. If you are still in doubt if you want to study law, give “What About Law” a try!